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Louis Alexander is a 23-year-old professional explorer, adventurer and storyteller. 


From running through deserts, swimming across shipping lanes, to summiting some of the world’s most notable mountains, Louis has conquered numerous endurance feats. 


His endeavours have raised tens of thousands for charity and features in national and international press, named by The Times as the ‘Modern-day Byron’ after his successful swim across the infamous Hellespont strait, which separates Europe and Asia. 


Louis' latest project 'Running The Seven Continents', will see him travel to many of the world's most extreme and remote environments in the world, from the desert in Africa to the polar conditions of Antarctica. More people have been to space than ran a marathon on every continent on Earth, but Louis’ plans are unlike anything ever achieved before!


Louis is currently embarking on his expedition to run a marathon on every continent on Earth, from the desert in Africa to the polar conditions of Antarctica, in support of Alzheimer's Research UK. Louis has completed four continents thus far:

Africa - Agafay Desert, Morocco 

Asia - Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

North America - Alaska, United States

Oceania - The Outback, Australia 

In October to December 2023, Louis will tackle and complete the final three continents of his project, with South America, Europe and lastly the coldest, windiest and driest continent on Earth: Antarctica.

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