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Louis Alexander is a 24-year-old professional explorer, adventurer and storyteller. 

From running through deserts, swimming across shipping lanes, to summiting some of the world’s most notable mountains, Louis has conquered numerous endurance feats. 

His endeavours have raised tens of thousands for charity and features in national and international press, including National Geographic, Sky News and ITV. He was named by The Times as the ‘Modern-day Byron’ after his successful swim across the infamous Hellespont strait, which separates Europe and Asia. 

Louis recently completed his journey to run seven marathons in the most remote corners of all seven continents. During the 14-month project, he ran through two deserts, Alaska, Australian Outback, Amazon Rainforest, Arctic Circle and Antarctica. After facing heat, humidity, ice, snow, and wildlife encounters, Louis is now one of the youngest members of the '7 Continents Marathon Club'.

Louis is a proud ambassador for his sponsors Thomas Franks Ltd and The Body Lab.



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