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Finding Your Why

One of the most common questions is why.

Why would one willingly put themself in a place of adversity?

Why would one want to test their physical or mental limits?

Why would someone suffer simply to conquer a mountain or ocean?

Why would one risk it all for an adventure?

I know why.

Your spirit during an adventure is like a fire.

The flame of a fire changes constantly.

It shines bright at times, and at others dies down.

But your why is your fuel.

The more fuel you have, the greater your fire can burn.

It’s what you lean on when the things become tough.

It’s a string in your bow to use when you hit the wall.

It’s the reason you started the challenge.

And just as importantly, it’s the reason you will finish.

I have several why’s which fuel my fire to the core.

I have leaned on them during challenges.

They have been tested; and prevailed.

The more you test your why, the stronger it becomes.

But deep down, I know I have more why’s that I haven’t found yet.

At 22 years old, I just haven’t find discovered them all.

As I experience more and test myself further, I will find more.

I say find, not create, because the answers are already there.

They already exist.

They are internal, not external.

Your fuel lies within.

It always has.

It’s time to find it.

On 30th August, I will be embarking on my next adventure: swimming from Europe to Asia across the Hellespont and Dardanelles strait in Turkey.

Thank you to my sponsors for their incredible support:

Thomas Franks

Mattioli Woods

Gazing Performance

The Body Lab

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